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Posted by debraroby on March 24, 2006

I have this test blog set up  and I’m trying to decide if I want to switch over here or contact a guy to make my Blogger blog pretty and workable on all desktops.

The WordPress folks are nice.. they actually answer comments to them… their help forums are surprising helpful.

But… I feel like I’m being treated like such a child because they control so much about the look of the blog. The font and font size is out of my control unless I want to figure out how to write an entire post in HTML. Nope, don’t want that. Just want a WYSIWYG editor that lets me say “make the font larger”.

I guess what I really want is the good part of the Blogger experience without the downtime and with a functioning 3 column template.

Why is that beginning to sound like an impossible dream?

When I’m not whiling away hours on this “very serious question” I’m going to be trying to set up TIVO today (including a wireless connection). It reads like it should be easy. I know I’m going to find complications that make it less so.  yep.  I can’t get the wireless network to setup.  And I DETEST that stupid TV guide box when I switch channels.

So I’m kind of tense and grumpy and not worth reading.  Go do something worthwhile.


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