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The Michelangelo Project

Posted by debraroby on March 8, 2006

Ok. This is simple. I’m working on the template for this site, so things may look ugly before they look pretty.

But I have hope.

Or I’m insane

We should know within a week which it is.

So I’m spending all my spare time staring at this screen, but you might not see a thing.

What I WILL ask you. If you can’t read the information in the center panel, look over on the right hand side panel, and EMAIL ME. Tell me:

What Operating system you use. (windows xp, windows whatever, Mac, version #.. whatever. )

What browser you are using: Netscape x.x (well fill in the numbers), Firefox version, MSIE version number.. etc.) Opera.. the browser and the version. (ok, a geeky giggle: Instead of writing Opera, I originally wrote Oprah. I am sick.)

What size display you have. 800×600; 1024×768; 1280×600; 1280×768. Whatever…

In the meantime, go to FRENCH TOAST GIRL and do The Michelangelo Project.


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