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Tuesday Wrap UP

Posted by debraroby on February 28, 2006

Late Monday night, I removed the old, unsatisfactory facing. First thing this morning, I pressed the piece back flat, remeasured and marked. No wonder it wasn’t flat; one edge was off by 1/2″!! New facing… turned, basted and hand stitched down in a couple hours. And the piece looks much better.

Trip down to the Farmer’s Market and Trader Joe’s between rainstorms. Some fresh veggies and other goodies and I’m home.

Now what? Every time I go to take the dogs for a walk, it starts to rain again. Scratch that for a while.

There is a piece on the wall that I began on New Year’s Day. I need to finish fusing it down… and that part should be done before dinner. That would give me 2 pieces to machine quilt and 3 pieces in need of hand beading. That is enough for me to work for a while!!

I really want to finish these and clear the decks as I have an idea for another painted piece to start. (realistic this time.) If they have a Tactile Architecture exhibit at Houston this year, this would be an appropriate piece. Hmmm… nothing listed yet on the website. Will have to hold out to make sure I make it the right size.

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t satisfied with only Self-portrait tuesday, Illustration Friday, Studio Friday, List Friday or Simple Still Life… I just found Inspire Me Thursday.


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