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Posted by debraroby on February 24, 2006

Who knew?? While the dogs and I enjoyed that beautiful walk and shared those photos, just below us a suspected car thief was trying to evade the police by swimming naked in the straits!!

(CBS 5)
CROCKETT A suspected car thief who eluded authorities for more than six hours today by hiding in the water in an area underneath the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge in Crockett has been pulled onto a rescue boat and is in custody, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Scott Yox.

The parents of the suspect, now identified as Gary Hatfield, Jr., 36, of Olivehurst, had been called to the area this afternoon to try to convince their son to come out, according to Yox.

Hatfield reportedly took refuge in the water after crashing an allegedly stolen vehicle in the area of Pomona Street and Carquinez Scenic Drive around 10 a.m.

Following the crash, in which the car caught fire, the suspect made his way to C&H Sugar Co. property, where he found and tried to launch a small boat, Yox said. When that did not work, he crawled down among pilings under the pier.
He then moved several hundred yards from the sugar company to some pilings that hold up a concrete barrier that prevents, for instance, an errant ship from crashing into the bridge’s anchorage, Yox said.

Yox said there was a gap of a little more than 2 feet between the surface of the water and the base of the structure under which Hatfield was hiding. He said the pilings the man was holding onto are about 2 feet in diameter and have barnacles growing on them, making them easier to grip.


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