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Posted by debraroby on January 12, 2006

Last Saturday we went to the library. I’d been consuming “Wolves Eat Dogs” by Martin Cruz Smith like it was chocolate. I love the way this man writes. He leads us through a mystery with investigator Arkady Renko, keeps us thinking, yet never gives so much of the solution away that I wonder what’s keeping the investigator from figuring out what I know. Yet I never feel like a dummy at the end.

Reading this novel did something to me, though. I rarely remember my dreams, and the days I was reading this book, I not only had dreams populated with Russians and the Zone of Exclusion, I remembered that I had these dreams.

Anyway, Saturday I picked “The Reading Group” by Elizabeth Noble. It’s paperback (important when you read in the tub), it’s chick-lit. I thought it would be an easy read. Getting started on it, however, that’s not going to be the case. Atleast until I get a handle on the structure and characters in this book, it will be a slower read. And probably better than I originally expected.


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