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Wednesday done.. Thursday To Do

Posted by debraroby on January 5, 2006

First, an excerpt from Crazy Aunt Purl’s horrorscope. I need to remember this:
Understand that you will never know as much as you want to or reach every single goal or even have a perfectly clean house. Forget being in complete control. Take a deep breath make a list of things to do. Throw away the list. Have a cocktail and just breathe.

Wednesday I made plans: take the dogs for a nice long walk then go out to lunch with the spouser. Ya know, he’s cooperating more this year with the routine, and after 3 weeks home, I don’t want to strangle him!! He needed a reward.

Before our “pack adventure” I ran to the store for pet food and picked up a yard of silk at JoAnne’s to restart the Us/Them piece. It was on sale for 30% off!!

We did a 45 minute walk along one of the neighborhood creeks… checking out the high water marks from last week’s rain. We were all well exercised at the end. Then a drive short drive to a nice deli nearby for lunch. Steve had Reuben; I had a “California Chicken”… grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato & avocado on some kind of flat bread.

I’ve already picked up TurboTax for the year, and I’m spending about an hour a day chipping away at entering information. I’m hoping to get things ready to file my taxes early this year!! (unless, ofcourse, we end up having to pay). I think I’m done entering charitable contributions!!

Thursday: a day of running around. Vacuum. Pick up the supply list for my watercolor class, drop off stuff for recycling, pick up supplies for the watercolor class, maybe order a treadmill, mow the lawn, walk the dogs. I’m washing and prepping the silk to paint… and redrawing the design. Yep, after dinner I’ll probably crash!!

Did I read Purl??? Doesn’t she say forget these lists and just breathe??

This is going to be harder than it sounds.

Spoiler: Project RunWay

All that buzzing in the workroom about forms, etc. sure seemed like people trying to get “face time” for the camera. “Drama” without emotion. What a waste of time!!

Ok, personally I would have kicked both Marlena and Lupe out for their work last night. And I suspect that Marlena is not long for the show. I’m hoping that Diana remembers that she has to design for real people.. not the design school “conceptualization” that she’s prone to. There are still designers flying under the radar… wonder when they will come into play…

I think this weekend I may line up the names of all the remaining designers and we can “guess/bet/speculate” on the order they finish this competition… who will be voted off when, who will be in the final 3, who will win??


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