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Examining the failed piece.

Posted by debraroby on January 4, 2006

Alrighty Then!! Our Monday speaker said that enough that it is temporarily burned into my brain.

I admitted yesterday that the piece I was working on is “broke and cain’t be fixed.” While it was liberating to get to that point, it means I now have to figure out how to fix the problem so I can redo the project well. Spent last night muddling on that while I watched the boring, then fascinating PSU/FSU bowl game. There are a couple ways to go…

The failed piece is going to become my “experiment” piece. I’ll admit it, after the color was on, I was not too thrilled with the design. The circles are too big for the structures and I got lost in the “underpinnings” which means every viewer would too. Oh well… room to play!! And back to copying the original sketch! Why can’t I let this exist only on paper? Why do I think I have to do it in fiber? Because on some level it speaks to me.

I have been contemplating mixing up gel medium/ stucco gel medium/ and paint and actually painting a couple of the structures in this piece with that mix. The two “buildings”. Now I can play with that…
I wondered about putting painted sheer organza over some of this to emphasize the overlapping nature of part of it… I can play with that…

Neither of which will help me solve the problem I had with this try.

While attempting to machine quilt arcs in this piece, the fabric stretched and pulled along the bias. Inspite of being basted within an inch of it’s life. I’m thinking the entire piece will have to quilted in 1″ intervals everywhere… then go back and fill in at 1/2″ intervals.. and finally the closer stuff. I knew that would be case for the overlapping parts… but wasn’t prepared to do that for everything. Oh well… we live, we learn.

I won’t even discuss that the circles ended up not be circular!! Which really complicated trying to do circles in them. The main reason that I gave up on this piece. But see? Only stitched at the 1″ interval the fabric is pulling.

I could fuse the piece to the batting and know that it would hold…but I’m not convinced that I want to take that step…


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