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Posted by debraroby on December 16, 2005

After morning of small jobs around the house… and a small earthquake 2 miles from my house… Steve and I headed for our planned outing.

First stop: Bo’s BBQ. Last year when I was shown the place, I ordered the brisket… it was fabulous. Today I had the ribs (rubbed, wet, tomato-based if you care). They were overcooked and not as tasty as the brisket had been. Still they serve it up quickly with a small salad, scoop of potato salad (made, we believe, with sweet pickle relish!! Anyone else do this??), half a baked sweet potato and small hunka bread. Enough food that I took a couple ribs and the sweet potato home for supper. YUM.

Most of the bbq places near us have (sadly) disappeared, so we’re expanding our search horizons to find good bbq in the bay area. Bo’s is a bit of drive (almost 1/2 hour) for us to become regulars (and they don’t let you order chicken as part of their combos!!), but we’ll keep in mind for an occasional fix.

Next stop was our main reason for heading to the LaMorInda area: a visit to the Hearst Gallery at St. Mary’s College. Sunday they close their current show:“Perceptions in Art and Science: Different Faces Same Truth”.

The exhibit showed: kalaidescopes (we got to play with lots of kewl ones); spirals in nature; fractals, perspective, and creative imagery. I enjoyed the entire whole thing. However, the most mesmerizing item was a half-hour program showing a complicated “rube goldberg” plan that used water, fire, chemistry and wind to run it. Couldn’t stop watching it!!

Home for a nap, my leftovers, and a holiday movie tonight.


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