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Good Wednesday Morning.

Posted by debraroby on November 30, 2005

In a totally different way from yesterday, this morning was quite productive.

Got the dogs (and myself) out for a walk. It surprises me how much better I feel when I get this walk in early.

After returning the dogs to the house, I headed down to Berkeley. Remember when I cleaning my studio and had a large pile of fabrics and stuff that I didn’t want to return to my studio? I drove it down to The East Bay Depot of Creative Re-Use. Imagine a 2000 sq. foot “store” where items that might have thrown into the dump, are instead donated and sold at low prices for artists, teachers and scout leaders… anyone to use!! I gave them a box a fabrics, and left with several cool items that I can for stamping/painting on fabrics. (my new finds cost me an entire $3!!).

Also stopped at Artist’s and Craftman Supply , where I picked up tjainting tools in the hole sized that I don’t have… and picked some wonderful journals. DO check them out… their stuff is really cool.

Now home to get down work. I need to do a blogpost on putting together fiber post cards which means I need to go make some!!


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