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Assembling a Fabric Postcard, deb r. style.

Posted by debraroby on November 30, 2005

Making a fabric postcard starts with an idea for a front. In this case, it’s “Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella.”

The front is stitched to some scrap batting, and then trimmed approximately to 4×6″.

For the back, I prefer to Strathmore watercolor postcards. You can buy a pack of 15 for $3.96. They come already marked on the back for a stamp, address and a message.

I layer the postcard with the fabric on top. (usually by fusing them with small squares of wonder under at the corner of the postcard.) Then I prefer to use one of the overcast stitches on my sewing machine to finish the edges. #30 on my machine is nice. See? It has straight stitching on both sides, so the card has a finished edge to it.

I choose a kind of small stitch. But don’t make it too close together or you will completely perforate the card and it will eventually fall off!! 4.5 mm in both directions is fine for me.

I like up the card so the needle sits just off the edge of the card when I stitching. (sorry for the fuzzy… this is close up work.

Oh, look!! The card magically changed while I stitching it. But you might be able to discern a neatly finished edge.

See? Pretty card. (now what happened to my smiling umbrella??)


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