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Posted by debraroby on November 21, 2005

Since I was sitting at home alone on a Saturday night, it’s only right that I watch a (according to my hubby) “chick flick” (ie. no John Wayne or Clint Easwood, no shoot ’em ups, no battlescenes). Saturday I watched Mad, Hot Ballroom (not exactly the prototypical chick flick). This is the documentary about NYC school students (6th grade), who study ballroom dance and compete in the city-wide dance competition.

The students learn about life through the competitions. For example, the boys are taught that their most important role is to make their dance partner happy (and hopefully this sentiment continues in other interactions later in their life).

We, the viewers, learn about life as an eleven-year-old. At one point, two girls are talking about the difference between being 10 and 11: Nothing really matters when you are ten. However, when you turn eleven, you have to wash twice a day and use deodorant.

The movie is cute, the students delights. Well worth an evening’s time.

Sunday evening I watched the NATURE show about rescuing the pets from New Orleans after the Hurricane. It was definitely poignant… I found myself laughing and crying at the same time. The devotion of the rescuers, the tenacity of the animals, the total devastation. Thankfully, the experience in New Orleans has caused government and aid organizations to re-evaluate the policy of evacuating people and not their pets.

The story that is with me today was a dog found almost 3 weeks from the hurricane. His owner left all the food and water he could, and left his cellphone number on the wall. Ofcourse, it wasn’t enough. When the rescuers found this normally 80-90# pet, they provided water until he stopped drinking on his own. He drank 3 gallons of water without pause.

Later, I watched Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. I think DH is only a “filler” spot in my viewing plan anymore. Provide me with another choice at 9 pm that will not interfere with the later GA, and I’ll switch over. The show has lost whatever appeal it had last year. There isn’t a mystery… and worse, the women do not interact. Each one has a storyline, but the lines do not overlap. They are merely neighbors not friends. And the support and cooperation we saw last year has disappeared this year. I’m so over it.

Today, I will sandwich those charity quilts I found Saturday, walk the dogs, and work on organizing my “stash and supply drawers”.


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