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Posted by debraroby on November 17, 2005

I haven’t written since Monday?? Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Tuesday was the last day of classes at AQT. I played with wonder-undered squares of fabrics.. visited classrooms and packed up. I’m always sad on that day when you mentally start removing yourself from a place away. When I start seeing the end is approaching and begin to mentally move back into my everyday life.

I wish I could stay in the place/moment until the bitter end. I haven’t learned how to do that yet, though. But I don’t think I could share that in real time. I had to move through it before I could tell you.

Wednesday I carried my stuff to the resort lobby and walked to get my car. It was 27F with a heavy frost on the grass and the car. Packed up, signed out and with no reason to linger except for a final poignant goodbye, I headed over the Donner Pass toward home. As the altitude decreased, the thermometer increased. By the time I got home (and could breathe and move again)… it was 75F.

I was slightly uncomfortable the entire time I was up at Tahoe, never fully adjusting to the altitude. It will be a factor to keep in mind for future retreats and retirement places. I had trouble exercising at Tahoe, but came home and 2.5 miles with the dogs no problem.

Today I unpack and start getting the house back in order. After I drop Steve at the airport on Saturday (he’s visiting his mother for the holiday), I will work on cleaning that scary studio… which is even more scary with the piles of rejected fabrics from the Tahoe pack… and the returning items from AQT.


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