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Assembling a Fabric Postcard, deb r. style.

Posted by debraroby on November 30, 2005

Making a fabric postcard starts with an idea for a front. In this case, it’s “Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella.”

The front is stitched to some scrap batting, and then trimmed approximately to 4×6″.

For the back, I prefer to Strathmore watercolor postcards. You can buy a pack of 15 for $3.96. They come already marked on the back for a stamp, address and a message.

I layer the postcard with the fabric on top. (usually by fusing them with small squares of wonder under at the corner of the postcard.) Then I prefer to use one of the overcast stitches on my sewing machine to finish the edges. #30 on my machine is nice. See? It has straight stitching on both sides, so the card has a finished edge to it.

I choose a kind of small stitch. But don’t make it too close together or you will completely perforate the card and it will eventually fall off!! 4.5 mm in both directions is fine for me.

I like up the card so the needle sits just off the edge of the card when I stitching. (sorry for the fuzzy… this is close up work.

Oh, look!! The card magically changed while I stitching it. But you might be able to discern a neatly finished edge.

See? Pretty card. (now what happened to my smiling umbrella??)


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Good Wednesday Morning.

Posted by debraroby on November 30, 2005

In a totally different way from yesterday, this morning was quite productive.

Got the dogs (and myself) out for a walk. It surprises me how much better I feel when I get this walk in early.

After returning the dogs to the house, I headed down to Berkeley. Remember when I cleaning my studio and had a large pile of fabrics and stuff that I didn’t want to return to my studio? I drove it down to The East Bay Depot of Creative Re-Use. Imagine a 2000 sq. foot “store” where items that might have thrown into the dump, are instead donated and sold at low prices for artists, teachers and scout leaders… anyone to use!! I gave them a box a fabrics, and left with several cool items that I can for stamping/painting on fabrics. (my new finds cost me an entire $3!!).

Also stopped at Artist’s and Craftman Supply , where I picked up tjainting tools in the hole sized that I don’t have… and picked some wonderful journals. DO check them out… their stuff is really cool.

Now home to get down work. I need to do a blogpost on putting together fiber post cards which means I need to go make some!!

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Tuesday Morning in the Studio

Posted by debraroby on November 29, 2005

Wait… there are photos below.
Inspired by Gabrielle’s “just work, baby” attitude… and Melody’s “make lots of small pieces with your scrap batting” play day… and Gerry Chase’s class at AQT, I hit the studio without a roadmap but with a plan.

1. grab some of that scrap batting Ihave.
2. open that drawer of already fused pieces, sort some of them out and create a background.
(note: I really should have amended that plan to add: use your camera).

Anyway. I sorted out some red/orange/gray/purple/darkish stuff… arranged it and fused it to batting. I was not impressed. Thankfully no photo.

I grabbed my tjantjing tool and a little paint and tried adding a layer of texture over the whole thing. Still not impressed, I put it aside to simmer for a while and played a bit more with the tool.

I learned something today: you can create your own polka-dots on fabric with this.

Here’s a piece I played with (showing both before and after).

To not put too much thought in the process, I simply dotted wherever a dot appeared in the original print. This was fun and something to keep in mind for the future.

After making the polka-dots, I grabbed a small pre-fused piece of batik and continued drawing some of the lines already on it. Then, hearing Gerry Chase’s request that we experiment with a simple 9 patch design, I also grabbed a piece of dupioni silk and painted a complimentary pattern on it. Cut them up and arranged them on another scrap. Used the extra 4 squares of silk to make “cornerstones”. I like this little piece, but what shall I do with it?

Ha!! A journal cover!! It needs a little tweaking to fit perfectly, but I like this so far. And it means that not only did I use some scrap batting, and some scrap fabric but I (almost) FINISHED SOMETHING.

Now about that first piece that wasn’t working. It just needed something to make it more interesting. On a whim, I grabbed some polyester organza with a lace pattern printed on it. Pinned that over the piece, and stitched over patterning. Grabbed the heat gun and melted a bunch of it out so that the fabric below shows through.

Still need to back this, but I like the way it looks now (sorry that the pix is so crappy). Now it’s lunchtime… and hopefully the rains stops for a while so I can walk the dogs.

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Quote of the Day

Posted by debraroby on November 28, 2005

“Comfort is the enemy of Achievement.”

If you stay in your comfort zone, you will never do the work to achieve…

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Hey Guys & Gals!

Posted by debraroby on November 27, 2005

Thanks for the comments on the SSL postcards. But I’m in the middle of making 6 of these!!

Each one is a bit different… Today I’m making a couple with a scrap of Cindy Whozit’s Snippets fabric… trying to place the pieces so the fabric makes the highlights.

When I get them all up, I’ll let you choose the 2 best to go to Virginia’s postcard fundraiser at the Chicago IQA show. The others will go to people in the challenge (rather randomly chosen… so cross your fingers for that email asking for you address…).

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I’m hoping to get creative soon…

Posted by debraroby on November 26, 2005

Holidays have this way of screwing my plans. Steve asked what I did while he was gone, and we figured out I went out with friends and ate. Not that it’s improving much since he’s home.

Thursday I pigged out at a friend’s house, came home and tried to tidy up the house.

Friday I picked Steve up at the airport. Good news… it was our 23 anniversary, and my heart still beat a little bit faster when he turned the corner. Walked the dogs and basted a quilt.

Today we are going to a memorial service for a friend.

Tomorrow we walk the dogs. I might actually get some time in my relatively clean studio.

Monday I need to run a bunch of errands: Trader Joe’s; Bed, Bath and Beyond; the creative recycling center place; Stone Mountain and Daughter’s (?); seems to me there were a couple more spots…

Tuesday, come hell or high water I’m in the studio. It’s supposed to rain…

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