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Scary Studio Tour.

Posted by debraroby on October 24, 2005

Juliane challenged us to do a scary studio challenge this month. Post the photos of our disaster area now.. and then the weekend after Thanksgiving post the photos of our sparkling clean workspaces.

My studio is the first floor extra room/office. In all the other houses on our court, it’s made as a guest bedroom. Where my double doors are, they have a closet. Where my steel bookcase is and my work table is, they have 2 door (one entering the room and one going into the bathroom. That door to the bathroom has GOT to make these rooms a PIA to use. Although I would love the closet, I really like my double doors. The total room is 10×12.. the main part is 10×8.

This is the view from the doorway. The window looks out at a fence and my neighbor’s bushes.

This is an angled wall behind the door where I have a bookcase. And floorspace in front of the bookcase that’s filled with crap.

The top part of the bookcase. Magazines my books, exercise equipment and lots of crap.

In the main part of the room. Shelves along the wall and a work table below. How do I work when it is full of crap? I carry everything out to the kitchen and work on the island.

The shelves above. Supplies, patterns, quilts, crap, etc…

Under the work table. Paint supplies, pieces of batting, sheer fabrics, crap.

Along the window. The table is a handwork table that I’ve used most of the summer for waterpainting. Also a rack with UFOs on it and a file box and crap. The windowsill SHOULD be clear and empty.

Under the table are supplies being accumulated for AQT. I’m taking a class with Gerry Chase this year. Oh, yeah… and crap.

The sewing machine table (a Sauder computer desk that works really well as a sewing table) and the chair. I will be cutting that flannel tonight.

Under the sewing table. More pieces of batting. I need to give these up or make more really small pieces.

And the REALLY SCARY PART: There were 2 mice living in here a couple weeks ago. Thanks to well placed glue traps, they are no more.

Stay tuned for Post Thanksgiving after photos. I’m thinking some furniture is coming outta there…


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