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First rain of the season…

Posted by debraroby on October 15, 2005

Went to bed last night… it was dry. (I’m sure. I let Katy out and she came in dry…) Went to bed, and a few minutes later came the sound of gentle rain falling against the roof and house. It was the best way to fall asleep.

In the winter we get a lot of rain. Usually, though, it’s strong and wild and the wind and noise drives me to the other side of the house to sleep. I don’t enjoy most of the winter rain. But last night’s rain had the charm of a gentle soaking rain. I was torn between staying awake and listening.. and falling asleep to the gentle rhythm of the rain. Sleep won.

So today we walked along outside and started talking about our fall landscaping projects. We have this spot that doesn’t work well, so it will be re-worked. Two large privet bushes and a couple spreading junipers will be pulled out. The compost bin will be moved a bit… and a half-cord log holder will be put in near the chimenea. Next spring I’ll plant up the bare spot a bit more… I’ve been looking for a spot to plant some lillies…

Need to plant my fall lettuce and clean up the flower gardens some…


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