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Valley Stitchers Guild Meeting

Posted by debraroby on October 10, 2005

One of the guilds I belong to is Valley Stitchers Guild. VSG is open for anyone who is interested in needlearts. Be it knitting, tatting, beading, polymerclay (ok, it’s a stretch as a fiber.. but it’s part of the guild), basketry, wearable arts, quilting. Whatever. You do it (artfully), and you’re welcome. About the only requirement has been that it be creative.. not mundane.

This guild has a $25 annual membership and no show, yet it affords interesting speakers every month. Part of the support is through an activity called “little shop”. Members can bring in items they don’t want anymore. You give it to the guild to sell; if it doesn’t you take it home after the meeting.

Most items go in “prepriced” catagories: fabric is $1/yard; magazines are $.25 each; books are $.50. etc. Nearly every member of the guild makes a point of “shopping” before or after the meeting, spending probably a couple bucks each. So we bring in about $125 month.

Today was guild meeting, and I perused the goodies. Look what gems were hiding in the bottom of the magazine file: Three issues of FiberArts from the mid 80s! I grabbed a recent copy of Threads to round things out. There were even a couple copies of Selvedge that I considered picking up and hawking on EBay. Maybe next month.

Sometimes life is good… if we look for the simple things.

My Little Shop finds.


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