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Posted by debraroby on October 9, 2005

After complaining last week, I am compelled by fair play to say that they tech guys at SBC DSL all need raises! I got the software to setup my system, and the silly thing wouldn’t recognize my modem. No way, no how.

Pick up the phone and call the tech support. First Marvin spent over an hour with me trying to get things set up. He got me about 3/4 through the work, but still no go. I was online.. but through my old EarthLink connection.

Then Marvin switched me over to Jason on a 2nd tier support line. Jason and worked element by element… step by step through processes that I barely understood.. and he wasn’t too sure about either. Two hours and 16 minutes after picking up the phone, the network was up and running with my new provider.

Now to make the changes on the computers. Since we log on to the system through the router, no problem there… but how to set up my mail system. Check the FAQ online (after spending about 45 minutes trying to find it)… did what it said.. and eventually a quick visit with the tech support guys by online chat.

So 4 hours after starting, everything seems to be working. If you are in my address book, you should be getting a message in the next few days telling you my new email address. In the meantime, I’m running through all the places on the web where they contact me by mail, and trying to change it. (sigh)…

Now I know why I’ve been with Earthlink for over 10 years…


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