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Posted by debraroby on October 5, 2005

First, I have been playing with an idea.. and making a couple “studies” to see if/how this idea might work out. Stay tune. I should have pictures later today.

So in the meantime, Deborah asked what I would be watching this tv season (since my favorite summer tv show RockStar– ended).

I will admit to the world, I think of reality tv as great summer escapism, but I rarely watch it during the regular season unless all the regular shows are in repeats. Last season I was not charmed by The Amazing Race, one of my past summer escapes, and this year’s iteration with families… totally does not appeal to me. I miss The Mole, which I really liked.

Before I list my viewing choices, I need to mention that Steve retires for the evening at 9 pm. (he rises at 4:30 am), so I often tape shows that are broadcast later if he is interested in viewing them. So I get “two-fers” at some times.

So, my viewing schedule for the regular season:

Sunday: Watch: West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy.
Tape: PBS Mystery series, if I like them. New Sherlock Holmes coming later this month.

Monday: Watch: Monday night football if I’m home. Medium.

Tuesday: Watch:NCIS, House.
Tape: Boston Legal. and Commander in Chief.

Wednesday: Watch: Lost and Invasion (I think. I’m getting these “alien invasion” ones confused.)

Thursday: Watch: ER
Tape: CSI and Without A Trace.

Friday: The scifi programs when they are new.

Saturday: I’m confused but a bit pleased that every network chooses to repeat shows from the week on Saturday nights.

When they are new: The 4400 and Dead Zone. I was totally unimpressed with the last set of Monk that I won’t be watching anymore.

During October, I will be spending a lot of time watching playoff baseball… when it’s over it’s gone until next April… I’ve got to fill up. I will cheer against the Yankees… and have chosen the Chisox as my AL favorite team this year. Don’t care who plays for the NL… they will lose. (sorry Deb L.)


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