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Hey.. Where did they go??

Posted by debraroby on October 31, 2005

I just read through the blog ring for the first time in a couple weeks. Didn’t we used to have over 100 blogs on the ring? Today there were 100.

Where did the others go? (were some eliminated? Left fallow? Did Google just need more room for their ads??)


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They got this SO WRONG

Posted by debraroby on October 31, 2005

Halloween Horoscope for Cancer
You’re usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood.

And you really get into the halloween spirit decorating your house.

Costume suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel

Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups

What’s Your Halloween Horoscope?

First, I do not celebrate Halloween. EVER.

I was ill when I 5, 6 and 7.. the key years for celebrating Halloween when I was a kid. So I never got into it.

As an adult, I see the constant interruption of my supper and the dogs barking for several hours as a major pain.

Besides, if I buy candy for the 10 who showed up last year, and 100 show up… what do I do? If I buy for 100 and 10 show up… I don’t need the calories.


But they got the peanut butter cups right.

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My Ghost Story

Posted by debraroby on October 31, 2005

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d tell you about my first car. It came with a ghost in the backseat.

The first car I owned was a 1970 AMC Hornet. It had been originally purchased by a woman…a wife and mother. When she died suddenly several months later, her son took his anger out on the car. He kicked in the doors and trashed the interior. So my father bought a 2 year old car with limited mileage for $700 (then put about $1000 into it). He and I shared it until I graduated from college.

This was my car, Persephone.


You know sometime you think you see something out of the corner of your eye? Or you feel something that isn’t there?

Whenever I drove that car, I could almost see someone sitting in the backseat in the rearview mirror. And I could definately feel someone back there. Now I know the car had been owned by a woman… but this felt like a man.

For the longest time I thought it was just a sense that came from driving… that everyone experienced the same thing, and that I would no matter what. When Persephone was totalled and replaced, however, I lost that sensation.

I can still remember it, though.

So my first car had a ghost in the backseat…

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This is a TEST

Posted by debraroby on October 30, 2005

This is test link to the simple still life post for Round Three. This is NOT my final photo… but I did learn that red fruit on blue velvet cannot photograph accurately!!

Simple Still Life: Round Three Challenge Guidelines.

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What’s cooking this weekend?

Posted by debraroby on October 30, 2005

Saturday began cloudy, cool, and rainy. A look at my calendar shows I’ve got plans for 3 days this week. That meant today was a perfect time to precook some foods for suppers. I loaded up the oven with :

a corned beef;
a fresh picnic pork roast;
some babyback ribs;
and a butternut squash.

The ribs and corned beef were in pans of water, the roast picnic in it’s own dry pan, and the squash just fitted in where it fit. I’m glad my fan has a convection fan to circulate the air, because the oven was FULL.

Anyway, set the temp at 275, the timer for 3 hours and walked away. All day these luscious odors eminated from the kitchen. When the timer went off, the oven was turned off. I pulled the roast, wrapped in foil, and put it away; but let everything else cool with the oven.

So this week we can have:

pulled pork with bbq sauce;
creamy squash soup with a salad and sourdough bread;
Reuben sandwiches.
We had the ribs for supper on Saturday.

Now a hint I learned while working at a butcher shop (Oh yeah… I forgot that job last week. I also worked in a butcher shop). Most people take their corned beefs out of the packages, plop them in a dutch oven full of water, bring it to a boil and cook the bejesus outta their beef for 2.5 hours. Then complain that the meat is stringy and watery.

In our butcher shop we did this:

Place the package of the corned beef in a pan. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE. Add water up tonear the top of the meat (not completely covering the beef, but up high on the sides). Then cook it. In the butcher shop, we would bring the oven up to 400 degrees, then turn it off and go home. It would cool down slowly, and the corned beefs would be done in the morning.

Cooking your corned beef this way leaves you with a firm piece of meat that is easy to cut. For a boiled dinner, you save the juices from the package (which usually open slightly while cooking it), and add that to your water/stock when cooking the veggies.

Anyway, my tip o the day… how to cook a tasty corned beef.

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Simple Still Life… October.

Posted by debraroby on October 28, 2005

Blogger is FIXED, but I just remembered that I uploaded this a while ago.

My simple still life for October, was the toothy pumpkin votive:

I wasn’t very invested in doing something creative with this, but I downloaded a copy of the Kalieder software to play with again. Kalieder lets the use choose a photo, and a number of filters which manipulate the image. It’s kind of like have multiple kalaidescopes to view a picture with.

Used my toothy pumpkin photo as the starting point here are four images I created.

This is the first part of the mandala image below. I started with “puddling mirror” image.

Then I superimposed a kalaidescope angle to get the image below. Doesn’t this look like an “arts and craft” style print? Kind of William Morris-ey?

A simple image…

A mandala. I so want to print this out and bead parts of it…

Actually, playing with this program is as addictive as eating potato chips!!

The guidelines for November are up at the Simple Still Life site… if you’d like to play, go over, read them, and join in.

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