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Ok.. Diane’s question..and other things…

Posted by debraroby on September 19, 2005

Diane over at Going to Pieces asked what magazines we subscribe to. Like Liz, it’s only one at the moment: Quilting Arts. I let my subscription to QNM lapse about 10 years ago. There just wasn’t enough useful content in it for me at the time. I used to subscribe to THREADS, but I don’t do enough “real” sewing. And too many magazines regurgitate the same stuff for me to want to keep it.

I guess I don’t subscribe to many magazines because if I didn’t want to keep a lot of the content, I can find some of the useful content online.. without wasting the paper.

Now onto other things…

As much as I hated Joan Rivers doing the Red Carpet thing… Star Jones is so much worse!! Sycophantic and self-absorbed at the same time! I couldn’t watch.. and dishing Red Carpet fashion is usually so much fun.

But I liked the Emmy’s last night… Felicity Huffman, James Spader, and S. Ephata Merkison (I’m sure I have her name wrong) gave charming acceptance speeches… But Patricia Arquette’s stylist should be SHOT.

And I woke up Sunday singing Marty Casey’s song… TREES… and still can’t get it out of the head. Guess I will have be doing some downloading soon…


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