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I’ve made a bloggy discovery…

Posted by debraroby on September 16, 2005

A couple months ago, totally fed up with BlogRoll, and looking for an RSS aggregator, I subscribed to BLOGLINES.

The blogroll that shows up on my blog comes from BlogLines. And I’ve found a really new feature.

Now for those who don’t know… an aggregator keeps a list of blogs, groups and such that you want to follow (like BlogRoll does). I have a website that shows all items I’ve subscribed to and when they are new, so I don’t have to keep going back to my blog. I click on an updated blog, and it shows up on the same page that my roll is on. (is this all too confusing for you?)..wish I could get a screenprint to work…

Anyway, the cool thing I just learned how to play with?…

When I am reading a blog, sometimes I want to remember a particular article to think more about… or to consider more.

And with Bloglines there is a CLIP option… that saves the blog to a file for me…

So I KNOW that today’s LAYER OF MEANING is something that I want to keep, to remember, to thing about. So while I was reading, I clicked on CLIP THIS, and I have the link saved for later this weekend, when I can consider it more, and maybe write my reaction to what she writes as blog on my site.

Cool, huh??


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