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I am renewed.

Posted by debraroby on September 5, 2005

I am renewed.

–I spent Friday evening with some friends… sitting around the table noshing and visiting.. laughing and sharing.

–I made a small piece for Laura’s fundraiser.. and found a few journal quilt pieces that I will enter, too. If they sell, all good… if they don’t they go back on the shelf where they were. Others that I don’t feel are quite worthy of her prices will be put up for sale on my alternate blogsite this week for $30 each, with proceeds going to the Humane Society.

–The piece I envisioned the other night needs more mental construction before I can get it out into the world… It will be a before/after piece.. but I want it more abstract than that sounds.

–I’m getting obsessive about the American League Wild Card race. If you don’t have an emotional attachment here, please pull my Indians.

–Made breakfast one morning. I mean.. not just eat cereal or leftovers… I made French Toast, bacon and sprinkled some fresh raspberries over it. Even brought out the real Maple Syrup. Pretty. Later, I made vanilla pudding with soymilk to enjoy with more of those raspberries.

–Watched a few mindless movies.

–Did some work in the garden.

–Walked the dogs. Or they walked me. Accurately we walked together.


–Watched TV, yes. US Open Tennis.


One Response to “I am renewed.”

  1. Sonji Hunt said

    I’m glad that you feel better, Deb. We all do what we are able to do in this situation and I know at least for me, it doesn’t seem enough. It is, however, still the best that I can do right now. Amazing how watching tennis can be such a release, isn’t it? I did the same thing. It did however make me question the shape my thighs are in. YUCK.

    Also, thanks for the info about Laura’s fundraiser. I packed up two pieces to send to her for phase 2. None of your work will end up back on the shelf, either. I doubt that anyone’s will. Peace.

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