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Tuesday ToDos

Posted by debraroby on August 22, 2005

Oh joy and excitement…

I get to wake up at 4 am. and drive the spouser to the airport, then turn around and head home (the air-porters don’t begin to run until 6 am.. and that’s the flight time). Eat some breakfast, and set up for a “play day” with some friends at 11 am. We’re going to work with the paperclay brooches from the Autumn, 2003, Belle Armoire.

We are basically going to play a bit with UTEE and the melting pots that turn it into a liquid. I have dipped polymer clay beads in this, and they look like glass. I’m eager to see what it does with paper beads and fabric beads.

When my friends leave, I’M TAKING A NAP. Then setting things up for fabric painting later this week. I may take myself out to supper. And this evening I have to call the courts because Wednesday…

I report for Jury Duty.

Our county has a one day/one trial policy. When I call tonight, they will tell me when to show up. I may make it into a courtroom, or not… into a trial or not.. and nothing is known for sure until that day. So I can’t plan the rest of the week.


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