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Wednesday To Do, and Tuesday INXS…

Posted by debraroby on August 16, 2005

Well, I had plans for today, but it turns out they are really for Friday. Lately I’ve had trouble concentrating and sticking with things. I think the clutter in my environment is distracting, so I’m going to spend today cleaning everything up. A place for everything… and get it there.

I also have a number of phonecalls to make. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE MAKING PHONECALLS?? But a couple are because I NEED good pictures of a couple quilts to start entering shows. And there isnt’ a photographer just going to email and ask if he/she can take pictures for me…

Update: When parts of my life seem out of control, I “comfort” myself by controlling my environment. And I supposed that’s really what I’m doing today… controlling what I can, so I can deal with those things I can’t control. It seems to be working; I’ve worked through a couple issued while straigtening things up. And, BONUS… I’ve found 12 pencils and 17 pens that can be returned to writing places… and 2 bills that are due this week.

The studio needs a good cleaning up too, so that will be part of the deal, too. I’m getting psyched to do some fabric painting next week… and those new pieces need a place to live…


If you haven’t seen this yet and care… just stop reading now.

Rockstar Tuesday night:

The bottom three performances (IMHO), were Ty, Deanna, and JD.

Jordis was the ultimate chanteuse… Fabulous!!


One Response to “Wednesday To Do, and Tuesday INXS…”

  1. mary m. said


    You seem to do an awful lot of cleaning. Or maybe I don’t do enough.

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