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Tuesday (so far)

Posted by debraroby on August 9, 2005

It’s mid afternoon. I’ve accomplished a lot of what I had planned for today.

The dogs and I got a 2+mile walk (with hills) that had the heart rate up and the sweat running freely. I got both pairs of glasses adjusted, and mailed off some legal paperwork.

Creatively, I’m working out how to encorporate this summer watercolor class into my own work. I don’t think I will stay with this Createx Pigments mixed with water all the time. I think adding some type of medium to this will make it work better on cotton (on habotai silk it’s fine). I may go back to Golden Fluid paints… but we’ll see.

So the paint on fabric isn’t it.

But we’ve spent about the half the time in the class making little “booklets” with watercolor paints. The idea behind these techniques is finding designs in designs. And after working through several of these exercises I DO see a potential for using the technique as a method for journalling future design ideas.

It’s getting me excited. I can see a potential workshop coming out of this … now how to market that idea?

Don’t suggest my quilt guild. They announced their workshop schedule for this, their entire program this year is aimed at the beginner quilter. It’s so boring and uninspired that I’m seriously considering quitting the guild.


5 Responses to “Tuesday (so far)”

  1. mary m. said

    Could you teach it somehow as an online class (either through Quilt University, or somehow to interested Artful Quilters Web Ring Bloggers?)

  2. debra said

    I’m excited about figuring out to do this in real life… your suggestion about doing it online just gave me the equivalent of a “brain freeze” headache.

    Which means eventually it’s probably a good idea. Maybe an article, though…
    You will be able to judge for yourself when the Simple Still Lifes go up the end of the month… Mine is one of these design “journals”…

  3. Becky said

    Re: watercolor on fabric – Hi Debra! I have no problem using reguluar water colors on muslin. I have used them ‘as is’ and with a fixer, but have not noticed any difference. The same with heat setting.

  4. debra said


    But Creatix fixative is cheaper! You get a maybe 2 oz. bottle… that’s thinned with water. Where a tube of good watercolor paint is what?? $10??

    so I’ll probably stay with the acrylics or the pigments…

  5. debra said


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