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Posted by debraroby on August 8, 2005

Ok, I’m trying to educate myself more about blogging and the technology. In doing so, I wrote Alexandra Samuel for a little guidance:

I found your blog because of BlogHer, and I’ve been reading through it thoroughly enjoying your writing style and you fabulous knowledge of this medium.

I am HOPING to find a path to learning more about making blogging work. I’ve picked up a few things from your blog that I had earlier learned on my own (WTF is RSS and why do I want it?).

How does someone who is just learning about something choose who to sign with?? And you discuss items I’ve read about but still not to the point that I DO understand.
Tagging. why should I care? and how do I do it?
Social bookmarking. same question.
Setting up a wiki?? Where, why and most importantly how??
I have yet to find simple discussions about these items that use English (instead of Geek). Maybe I need to mine deeper in your blog and links, but at the moment I still like that kid accidently scheduled in Latin III instead Latin I.

Her reply:

can I suggest this would be a great topic for a “bloggespondence”? i.e. turn your email into a blog post —
it’s a great post as-is — and just make sure to hyperlink your post
to a post in my blog — for example one of the tagging-related or
Blogher-related posts. That way your blog post will ping my blog, and
I can respond to you in my blog, and then other people can join in.
And if you include this code:
then our correspondence will pop up at Advanced Tools.

how does that sound?

Me again… So I’m trying this. Don’t know if I put the hyperlink in the right place…. or how this will work from here… but I’ll try something once.


2 Responses to “Learning more…”

  1. Either it didn’t work or I’m doing something wrong or maybe it got bumped off the first page. ?????

  2. debra said

    Beth, which link did you click on??

    On the powerbloger link, my message is on the sidebar (not the main page)…

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