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Good News…all you attending AQT…. and greens…

Posted by debraroby on August 7, 2005

Just asked Judy and got the reply:

The Resort at Squaw Valley is supposed to have free WiFi access when we get there in November!!

We can all blog our fun!! Melody and Gabrielle teaching… Gerrie and Liz?? and me and … any others??? as attendees…

Now I’m not saying I’m getting a bit excited about this… but can we possibly plan an artful quilt blogring get together one evening? I know Gerrie will bring the wine.. I’ll bring the stout…

I am coming a day early (so I’ll be there for the first session’s goodbye dinner).. and staying through the second session.

On a totally different note: this was the 2nd day this week that I didn’t have fresh greens/veggies for lunch. And I missed it. (hmm.. me missing veggies?? I’d never believe it). Maybe Sonji’s line that you crave what you eat really is true???


5 Responses to “Good News…all you attending AQT…. and greens…”

  1. Karoda said

    A blog ring party…darn, I don’t look good green! ~~sighing~~

  2. What is AQT?

  3. debra said

    AQT is ARt Quilt Tahoe. (http://www.artquilttahoe.com/)

    Two 5 day sessions with fabulously creative teachers… at Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe.

  4. gabrielle said

    Whee! This is going to be too much fun. Keep your fingers crossed that my classes fill so I can party hardy.

  5. lizzieb said

    that would be great fun!

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