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Dirty Pictures

Posted by debraroby on July 31, 2005

Although you might not know it from my admission of using deadly chemicals to deal with pests and pesky plants on Saturday… I am mostly a careful gardener. I fertilize only using fish emulsion, and rarely put any bad on my property (and never near the edibles). And I am the Queen of Dirt.

Sunday was a day for switching out the compost bins. Since you all like pictures… and dirty pictures are so irresistible… I thought I’d share.

The process begins here.

Kitchen scraps, chopped up leaves and grass clippings and the stuff from my paper shredder goes in here. Once about every 2 months this gets emptied. Into here:

This is a compost tumbler. You are not supposed to keep adding stuff to this; just batch process and go. So the “lightly aged” compost is loaded in. Turn this sideways, and you can roll it around the yard. A roll every day for 1-1.2-2 months gives you:

Mostly decomposed compost. But this lot has lots of twigs, sticks and large pits in it which need to get sifted out. The tools of the day:

A wheelbarrow and a hand-made sifter. It’s about 18″ square (as large as I can deal with) with a base of hardware cloth to sift through. I sift into the wheelbarrow. And each load from the tumbler gives me 2 or 3 loads of this:

Fine, finished compost filled with earthworms. There isn’t a plant anywhere that wouldn’t want some of this.

And these “dregs” got dragged behind the fence to sit out in the open and slowly decompose on their own.


3 Responses to “Dirty Pictures”

  1. DebR said

    First naked blogging, now dirty pictures? Tsk tsk. :-D

  2. jpsam said

    Ahhhh! Beautiful dirt!

  3. Oh Debra I had a flashback when I saw your wheelbarrow complete with screen to boot…I wondered where they had gone to…gone to a yard that makes dirt, not rocks! My first screen jumped over the fence because it knew life was greener on the other side, and now I know where my second one fled too. I will try to post a picture of my rocks on my bolg, to prove I can grow rocks!!

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