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How Intelligent Are YOu?

Posted by debraroby on July 30, 2005

Frankly, I’m amazed. I knew I lost braincells and some intelligence in that concussion a couple decades ago… but I always tested closer to 140.

OK SEVERAL people have reported that this test seems to score low to them. So I’m gonna say it’s the test that’s flawed, and not my caffiene-addled, post-menopausal brain. Now I feel better.

Your IQ Is 115

Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

6 Responses to “How Intelligent Are YOu?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hey, you, smart girl! This is Larkspur from, um, Larkspur, and the BlogHer chatroom. I wanted to stop by and say hello. I’ve read a little bit of your blog, and I think we might be cousins. I am the exact same age and I grew up in Michigan. If you still have nightmares about your childhood, then we are definitely related.

    I don’t have dogs, but I love them and I have a circle of dog-friends that I walk or house-sit for. Are your dogs heelers? One of my dog-friends is a blue heeler (named Blue) who is the brightest, sweetest guy. He’s not big, but he’s built like a tank. He loves to do the Chasing of the Objects. His humans have an old-fashioned bullwhip. You tie a small fluffy chew-toy to the end of it, then bounce it around the yard as Blue tries to grab it. He’s actually very good at it. Once he gets hold of the toy, I have to wait him out and trick him to get it free again.

    More info later….


  2. Anonymous said

    Hi again Dar! Redsaid from Blogher chat here!

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi (no flaming, I promise) and to check out the project for my beading!


  3. debra said

    For Larkspur… my 2 dogs are a McNabb Border Collie (with papers) and a lab mix.

    I still have nightmares from the nuns I had teaching me K-2. Don’t remember much more about my childhood.

    And… for oldtime sakes… Go Bucks!!

    Red, nice to see you too. Please stop my the simple still life site. I’d love to have an African beader working on this.

  4. I don’t believe that test. It said I scored 105 (dead average), when I have never tested at less than 135 any time in my life. And I haven’t had a concussion.

  5. Cathy said

    Carol and Debra
    Don’t forget….I’m the one with the brain injury! (lol) And I scored 115 also on this test this morning. I know (pre accident) I am about 140 also.

  6. I took the IQ test and scored 125. Then we went back and checked to figure out where I was wrong. I got 3 wrong and the highest you can get is 140. Since my IQ generally tested in the 140-150 range I figure the thing is skewed downward. So don’t sweat it! It’s only a silly online test ;-)

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