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The Invasion of the Body Snatcher…

Posted by debraroby on July 28, 2005

Yesterday was very strange day. I swear I spent most of the day thinking about work, or working in the studio. But a POD PERSON invaded my body and cleaned the kitchen.

The POD PERSON dusted the cabinets, polished the counters, and the LIGHTS.


Dusted the blinds, cleaned the breakfast bartable…

And the floors… are clean enough to eat off.

And somehow I managed to also start this.

Unfortunately, the PodPerson forgot that when the kitchen is clean in my house, I think the entire house is clean!



6 Responses to “The Invasion of the Body Snatcher…”

  1. Mary Beth said

    Whoa. That was some whirlwind of activity! Someday I’m going to remember to get the cleaning whirlwind to start somewhere other than the kitchen so that some other part of the house gets done for a change.

    And on top of it all, an interesting new start of something. Good job!

  2. gabrielle said

    Okay I give up…this looks like a model home ready for showing. I am sure it is against some law for anyone to have a house this clean…will have to check out the code enforcement on this immediately.

  3. jpsam said

    Yes, very impressive! I got one bathroom done! I should also get credit for wrestling with Hello! which continues to give me fits.

  4. DebR said

    Please send the PodPerson to my house next. I NEED her!!!!!

    Your kitchen looks disgustingly gorgeous!

  5. I’m in line after DebR! Awesome and great start on a new piece, too! I’m green with envy.

  6. lizzieb said

    gee…that’s more than I can deal with…I still have a small path through out my studio out my door to the bathroom, to my bedroom and the bed. The kitchen isn’t too bad since hubby does the dishes…

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