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Great Day in the Studio Monday!!

Posted by debraroby on July 26, 2005

After walking the dogs up and down our hill, I started working about 11 am. It was, I must admit, a very successful day.


I declare that Eucalyptus #1 IS DONE. Adding the stitched branch helps to define the shape… and a few more leaves filled it out. I still need to finish sewing on the sleeve, add the label, and BLOCK this sucker. (don’t look at that lower left edge).

Here is a close up of the leaves (sewn down, and loose edge) and some of the branch.

I also finished machine quilting this piece.

And painted two watercolor pages for the class I’m taking. See those squares on the left? We painted those, then cut them up, and used each piece as the “inspiration” for the larger pieces. (though you don’t need to use the same colors. And obviously I didn’t exactly follow the patterns). You tear up and fold the sheets, and they become nice little books.

This is my FAVORITE. I need to paint this out on fabric as a quilt, I think. This one didn’t use a “pattern’… I just painted a shape, then moved on to the next…

Tuesday, I’m driving up to Santa Rosa for the Pointless Sisters monthly meeting. It’s an hour and half each way… but I have a good book loaded in my MP3 player.
When I get home, I’ve got a smaller version of Eucalyptus that I’m piecing, then cook supper and off to my watercolor class in the evening.


12 Responses to “Great Day in the Studio Monday!!”

  1. Ashlee said

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Karoda said

    Hey, yeah, the branch really kicked this quilt off! You could use the watercolor pieces in a quilt, maybe??????

  3. debra said

    I was going to thank Ashlee for the nice comment. Turns out she’s trolling for paying porn customers.


    So ignore the little brat. Wish I could remove her comment from my blog.

  4. Liz said

    Hi Deb,

    I think you can somehow. I removed another such from mine…

    Love all these pieces, by the way – haven’t you been busy! Love the colours for your eucalyptus quilt and the bottom watercolour especially!

  5. DebR said

    You can remove it! Look for the little trashcan icon on her post. (If you don’t see it on the regular page, hit “post a comment” for the pop-up and you should see it there)

    I like the stem on the eucalyptus! And the painted pieces are cool.

  6. Rayna said

    Nice work, Deb — thanks for sharing it.

  7. Dale Anne said

    Debra, I LOVE the eucalyptus – the branch and leaves are FANTASTIC!!!
    Also, LOVE your wallcolour samples – am going to have to try that myself.
    THANKS for posting……
    Dale Anne

  8. gabrielle said

    The watercolor pieces ae stunning…paper is so much more forgiving than fabric…can’t wait to see the book…and maybe some quilts in the same style.

  9. Debra, I especially like your eucalyptus. The leaves are add so much interest to the piece. Good work!

  10. GraceD said

    So. How much for the Eucalyptus quilt?


  11. Sonji Hunt said

    Debra, the leaves turned out great!!! This is a gorgeous piece.

    I’m sorry that I missed the trolling porn comments by Ashlee, whoever she is. You know I likes me some garbage.

  12. Pinky said

    Oooh, beautiful!

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