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After two days of “fun”…

Posted by debraroby on July 26, 2005

It’s time to get some boring life work done around the house.

After I walk the dogs this morning, I need to vacuum and clean some floors, and clean the kitchen. Supper was mostly cooked yesterday, just needs to be warmed through. And tonight we need to sit down with calendars and work out the next couple weeks. Lots of decisions to make there.

In the studio, I started working on a smaller version of Eucalyptus (because a couple venues have small quilt requirements). And #1 needs to be blocked, or trimmed up smaller (made square in some fashion). There are also a couple pieces I worked on last year that need work before I decide if they can/cannot be salvaged. That will keep me busy for the rest of the week.


3 Responses to “After two days of “fun”…”

  1. Scrapmaker said

    Don’t you hate it when “real life” details intrude? I’m late in commenting on your wonderful work (previously posted), but I LOVE the Eucalyptus piece. I have several of these trees in the yard, and love the sound they make.
    You have so perfectly captured the color and “feel” of these trees. Jen

  2. GraceD said

    Real life, hopefully, includes the Post BlogHer Debrief Mimosa Brunch at my house on Sunday, yes? Yes? Say yes, Debra.

  3. Hi Debra – The piece is beautiful – I love leaves!

    I tried putting the “mantra” image in my profile, but it didn’t do in – any ideas? I tried the template thing –

    Julaine (still trying to figure out all the blog stuff)

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