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Posted by debraroby on July 19, 2005

Is it done yet? Posted by Picasa

I was about to post that this quilt was DONE. But I look at it from a distance, and I’m not so sure. So I’m asking your opinion.

The background philosphy of this quilt: I wanted to show the colors and textures of a eucalyptus grove, and juxtapose the very geometry shapes with the very organic leaf shape.

The colors and shapes make a statement from a distance; the quilting makes a statement when up close. The leaves are supposed to “invite” the viewer in to look closer. Although I think I’ve met that criteria… are there enough leaves? Does is look wimpy?

Or the real question: Am I Done, Yet?


12 Responses to “IS IT DONE, YET?”

  1. I’d live with it on that wall for three or four days, and see what it tells you.

    (Not much help, am I?)

  2. DebR said

    My first impulse was to say no, it isn’t done yet…that I seemed to want to see some leaves breaking out of formation (so to speak) and scattering across the quilt. Not many — just a few.

    But I like Carol’s suggestion even better — to let it hang there a few days and see what it tells you.

  3. Abie Mason said

    It is a piece of your heart… Bravo!!!


  4. GraceD said

    Gosh, all I know is that the colors are exquisite and the foiliage pieces are placed perfectly (a pleasure to follow with the eye).

    Beautiful. I agree – bravo to you!

  5. Deborah said

    I think I’m really liking it. But the picture is a bit blurry. Can we get a really nice close up of those lovely leaves that you have been working on day after day? I think you definetely achieved the goal of juxtaposing the grid-pieced section with the swishy organic leaves. Great job!

  6. debra said


    Yes, you can get a close up. Might have to wait until next week. The reason I posted this size is that THIS IS THE DISTANCE WHERE THE LEAVES LOOK KIND OF WIMPY TO ME.

    Up close.. they are BRILLIANT!! (if I say so myself).

    And I think I need maybe 10-12 more…

  7. It’s fantastic, to start out with, but I can agree they’re not as prominent as they could be. If you think it needs a few more, then go for it. I don’t think adding on will hurt it.

  8. Sonji Hunt said

    I agree that you should live with it and admire and admonish it for a week or so.

    As it is, I guess that I want it to have some of those beautiful leaves creeping up from the bottom left. Just one or two. That’s just me.

    I love the elegant leaves and subtle colors.

  9. Jo said

    Oh my god! So nice! Beautiful!

  10. Gerrie said

    Since I have seen the background up close, I know how beautiful it is. I have also seen some of the leaves in progress. I love the sweep of the branch with the leaves, but from a distance I feel as if I want it to be bolder. The photo is a little blurry so it is hard to distinguish the leaves which may be the problem I am having. It is going to be a beauty.

  11. JulieZS said

    Are the leaves 3-d? I forget if you told us already. If not, then make some darker ones that are.
    Love the background and the interplay with the organic leaf shapes. But yes, the leaves are disappearing a bit into the background, not reading as separate enough. At least in the blurry photo. {grin}

  12. ginger said

    what sonji said!!

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