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Posted by debraroby on July 18, 2005

How is it that BlogHer has been announced, planned and completely filled and I never heard about it???

I’ve been slack on reading my off-ring blogs the last few weeks…

Granted, even in a “convergence” of diverse female bloggers I would a bit of a “niche” blogger… still! It’s close!! It’s Women! It’s Women Who Blog!!

I think I have to get in line for next year’s bash…


2 Responses to “BlogHer”

  1. DebR said

    I only just heard about it in the last couple of days too. Of course in my case it’s not like I would’ve been going anyway. ;-)

    I wish you could’ve gone so you could’ve blogged about it!

  2. GraceD said

    Yo, local woman! Come to the BlogHer Debrief Mimosa Brunch and Northern California Blogger Uprising the day after. Sorta like an after-AFTER party.

    It’s in my snippy little post about Carmel:


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