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Folks Don’t Get It

Posted by debraroby on July 10, 2005

Well, here we are at the Ramada Inn in Galena, Ill. For the historically uninformed, Galena is the hometown of Ulysses S. Grant. It has a couple museums about him, a “historically maintained” mainstreet full of shops and restaurant, a gorgeous river running through it. We are here for a day in a state park, and some time soaking up whatever history we can.

But here, like The Dells, people are simply shocked to see someone sitting in the lobby (here, the only place the wireless works) writing on a computer. What the &*(^???? And THEY ALL THINK I’M WORKING!!

They don’t “get” blogs, or friendly emails, or whatever…

That’s OK.

I don’t get drinking brown colored, tasteless hot water and calling it coffee. (Midwest coffee is DREADFUL. I’m hoping we can find a coffeeshop that has the courage to make the good stuff).


3 Responses to “Folks Don’t Get It”

  1. gerrie said

    When I travel to the midwest, I always take my mini coffee maker and my own coffee – a necessity for dealing with the midwest – must be wide awake. I am related to US Grant. MY maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Grant. They all came over from Ireland together.

  2. Sonji Hunt said

    I take offense, it’s not ALL dreadful, but pretty much. You really do have to go to a Starbucks or make your own. You could always drink tea. Still, you’d have to make your own. Hmmm. Maybe you are right. Never mind.

  3. Rayna said

    I never travel anywhere without my one-cup Melita thing, filters, and a plastic bag full of espresso coffee. People think I’m nuts but I really don’t care. It has saved my life more times than I can count! I’m still waiting for them to manufacture a perfume that smells like espresso beans…

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