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I gave myself a small gift today.

Posted by debraroby on June 30, 2005

It’s warm and sunny today (well, ofcourse!!). And high tide near me was about 8:30 am. So just after 9 I packed the dogs into the pupmobile and headed to Pt. Pinole. (I’m sure I mentioned this park before. it is NOT the dog park… it’s a gorgeous point of land with lots of water front and trees and stuff.). We all really like this park.

We walked 1 mile to the north of the parking lot, to a very private deserted beach. Good thing, probably, and the dogs sensed the final destination and started jogging the last 1/4 mile… disappearing completely ahead of me. These dogs and swimming…

The water was calm and cool, the breeze light. I removed my sandals and did a little splashing of my own while the dogs swam after tennis balls. We kept this up until the seams on both balls popped and the balls sunk into the bay.

The only noise was my own voice. When I could shut myself up, I was really existing in the moment. Just aware of the sun, breeze, water, the dogs splashing in the bay. It was calming and restorative.

I’m thinking that we might return tomorrow morning. If I plan ahead, I can bring a book and a snack (or lunch), and wear a pair of shorts under my sweats. Spend a couple hours out there just taking it in.

Now we’re home, and the pooped pups will sleep the rest of the day. After I finish some lunch, I’ll sew more on eucalyptus, and maybe finish up another skirt.


One Response to “I gave myself a small gift today.”

  1. Debra – I love your profile picture! Did you find that on my favorite image site, all posters.com? I have gone through all 30-some pages of their “retro spoof” images – took me awhile, but it was great fun –

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