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Time for a look at my gardens.

Posted by debraroby on June 29, 2005

OK, I’ve figured this out. Pictures = comments. SO…It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shown you my flower gardens. Time to catch up!!

This is the shrub border next to the house. Notice the hydrageas in full bloom. Also notice that I have no front yard. Well, this sideyard IS my front yard…

One of the bushes starting to bloom. Do you think my soil is alkaline enough?? Look at how pink these are.

A closeup of one bloom. It’s as big as my hand!! And note the sad thing: it’s June and I’m still wearing polarfleece.

The terraced butterfly/hummer garden. This is Salvia, white Lantana, and a new blue plant (so I’ve forgotton it’s type).

Lantana and Lavender.

A red ornamental grass. It really moves in the wind around here.

A species buddliea bloom.

And they say you can’t grow rhubarb in California! Luckily I have just the right conditions for it to grow. And I remember to pick enough for about 3 pies before it gets too dry and fiberous to use. Posted by Hello


6 Responses to “Time for a look at my gardens.”

  1. Karoda said

    Debra, your foilage is lovely.

  2. Rosie said

    What a gorgeous garden! I especially love the hydrangeas, my favourite colour is blue! I have a rhubarb plant in our garden and its amazing how many recipes one starts collecting when wanting to use rhubarb.

  3. Deborah said

    I once had some rhubarb lemonade at a pot-luck supper. Superb! and unique. Beautiful pictures.

  4. DebR said

    I, OTOH, live in KY where rhubarb is supposed to be as easy to grow as a weed and J and I can’t grow it to save our lives. We’ve tried time after time after time, and in all these years we’ve managed to keep just ONE plant alive! Sigh.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Scrapmaker said

    I haven’t been able to grow rhubarb since I moved to Southern California. Mmmm, memories of pie…
    Your flowers are beautiful! Jen

  6. jpsam said

    I’m way behind in blog-reading but wanted to say how great it is that you’re back in the picture business. Your gardens are lovely!

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