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I thought I’d share…

Posted by debraroby on June 29, 2005

So Monday night we were discussing something that was particularly not nice. Like really really sucky…

And a friend who reads this blog regularly and I started thinking how to encorporate the level of sucking in what we were discussing (is it remarkable that I remember the level of suckage but not the cause of the suckage??).

We decided that it either sucked sucked bilgewater toast on rocks… or sucked rocks on toast through bilgewater… or something like that. Maybe it wasn’t worth mentioning…

If you totally don’t get this, then you need read my blog more often.

On another note, my husband has these coffee cans that hold “attachment items”, similar to the button boxes in sewing rooms. One has nails, one has bolts and washers… some of which actually go together (but are not as yet joined together), two have screws… which do not obviously differentiate by either size or function. So you can find machine screws and wood screws in either containter (I think). You can definately find straight blade heads and phillips heads together. FWIW.

Today I was fixing my Bissell floor cleaner and lost 2 of the machine screws to put it back together. With his collection, you’d think it would be easy to find appropriate replacements… just go to garage, dump the can and scrounge.


Go to the garage (the cleaner was out on the deck where there’s good light), sort through one can, find one screw that might work. Put it all back, and sort through the second can (remember there are two unlabelled cans of screws)… find a couple more that might work. Back out to the deck, where I try appropriate screws A, too thin, B, too thick, C too long… D, the wrong sized head. Back for trial #2.

After 3 trips back and forth I finally decided that the 2 (which don’t match because although he has about 9700 screws the ones I want are always singles…) I have in there are just gonna work! And I think I put about 500 steps on my pedometer achieving this simple thing.

Are our button boxes as inefficient? If I went into mine to find a white shirt button with 4 holes in it, would it be this hard? Go check your button boxes and report back.

If I ever develop an illness that requires me to sit all day long basically resting, I may dedicate myself to sorting out those stupid cans. I’m sure putting them all in a different kind of organizer would be more efficient.


9 Responses to “I thought I’d share…”

  1. Elle said

    LOL! And I realize I knew exactly what “sucks rocks” meant! LOL!

  2. .
    Button box?

    I do have a button box, but that’s just for show. If the DH throws a button, he tells the cleaners about it when he takes the next batch in for laundering.

    As for the screws — well, you could get one or two or forty-seven of those little drawer organizer things, but then you’d also have to invest in pitch gauges and calipers in order to measure and classify each of the 9700 single screws languishing in the coffee cans. Personally, I’d go to Home Depot and buy new ones first.

  3. Okay, I’m compulsive, I admit it. My buttons are sorted by color, because color is the most important thing to me.

  4. ginger said

    my button drawer ( I have a few ) is just like your husbands screws…I think attachment items probably sounds better…I enjoy the putter through the drawer…I remember the items that the buttons used to be on…and some that came from my grandma…and some from friends….they are pretty and there is a good feeling when you pick up a handfull and let them run through your fingers…then usually I find just the right one!! amazing..Ginger

  5. DebR said

    Believe it or not, my buttons are quite organized. I could find a four-hole white shirt button in a matter of a minute or so.

    And I think really extreme suckage might be “it sucks big fat slimy bilgewater rocks on burnt toast”. Just my humble opinion, of course.

  6. Gerrie said

    I don’t even know where my button box is. Why would I need buttons? So they are relegated to the bottom of some drawer. So I couln’t find a white button with 4 holes unless I cut it off something else!! BUT, my husband has the same containers in our garage. I get so poed when Ineed an attachment devise and I have to paw through a strange assortment of stuff.

  7. I could probably find you a white shirt button with 4 holes – just don’t expect me back for several hours because my secret superhero identity is: EASILY DISTRACTED GIRL! (ohh, look, shiny!)

  8. Cathy said

    My husband’s garage!! You could possibly find what you were looking for…. if you had several days to spend looking for it. It never fails that when he’s out of town is when I need to look for screws or nails etc. that I never am able to locate. It’s much easier to go to True Value! Now my button box is filled with old buttons inherited from my MIL. That was my remembrance from her. They are in a mason jar sitting out to be admired. I don’t do buttons!

  9. Liz said

    I’ve got my buttons in one of those little drawer things with about 16 tiny drawers meant for screws and stuff. They’re sorted by colour – must have done it years ago because I can’t remember doing it at all. I don’t often use them though – hate sewing buttons on. I quite fancy making something involving a pattern of buttons but glued on to something…

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