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Posted by debraroby on June 28, 2005

I’ve been working on Eucalyptus for a week, attaching the leaves that go on over the quilting.

I’ve decided I need to enter this quilt into something where it will win me a sewing machine… one that cuts the bobbin thread. Imagine sewing oh…100 3-5″ long leaves (maybe 1/2″ wide)… and then having to go back and trim all that friggin bobbin thread off the back. And no.. ain’t no way I’m gonna flip the whole thing over to cut the bobbin thread every time I sew one leaf on…

Today I’m was going to drive up to Gerrie and Diane’s group, the Pointless Sisters, in Santa Rosa. It’s just over an hour each way, which is a bit of a pain… but when I went last month, I smiled all the way home. Unfortunately, I overslept. I’m always up by 7 am., but the dogs let me sleep until almost 8. And to get to this meeting, I have to leave by 8:30. Now way I can feed the dogs, shower, dress, eat, check my blogs and emails, and get this all done before 8:30. So it looks like I won’t make the meeting today. Guess I’ll go pick up the art supplies I wanted to get instead.

Monday night is my get together with my friends the Pickles. At one point, we were talking about menopause and periods… Some of us are almost through menopause.. and the younger women are just starting to get their first symptoms. So we can all share. One friend and I have pretty much matched our symptoms all along the last few years. We’re about the same age, so not very surprising… but… here’s the real surprise. We found out we both started getting periods on the same day: the Beatles’ second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

How freaky is that???


2 Responses to “Working…”

  1. Gerrie said

    Bummer! Was looking forward to seeing you again. We have to set a date for screen printing.

  2. Diane said

    Sorry we didn’t see you today…I was looking forward to meeting you! Ah well, another time…and I hope you enjoyed the “lie in”!

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