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Home Improvement Finished.

Posted by debraroby on June 27, 2005

Remember when I showed this view a couple weeks ago, and mentioned that it was going to change with a redwood shade cover?

Well take a look now:Here is the change in the view. Posted by Hello

It’s a dramatic but small change. However, that part of the house seems to stay in shade now until late in the day, so it should result in a cooler house from this summer on.

Now, I have morning glory vines (annuals) in pots by the posts. Do I have to attach them to the posts for them to climb up it? Or will they hold on their own?


8 Responses to “Home Improvement Finished.”

  1. Deborah said

    It looks like a huge ambitious change to me. Great job! How delightful… a cooler house is always good. We’re melting in 90 degree Maine with no ac.

  2. Eventually the morning glories will hold on themselves but, to get them started, I recommend cotton yarn. It is biodegradable and you can choose a color that will blend in. You might want to consider a vine that is perennial tho….personally, the nicest and shadiest deck cover I have seen was multiple grapevines. I have one growing in front of the house right now, simply because I bought the darned thing and then was clueless as to where I wanted it. I am keeping it pruned back until we get the new house done, then it will be transplanted to grow over the deck cover on the west side of the house.


  3. DebR said

    It looks really nice, Debra! Amazing what a change it makes.

  4. The morning glories sound wonderful. They reseed themselves here in San Diego, but I’m not sure what they’ll do up your way. One warning though, we were told not to let plants grow on any wood that’s attched to the house. Too much of an opportunity for termites…

  5. debra said

    Hmmm… perennial vines mean climbing up on the cover to trim. Let’s see… that 24′ above the ground. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m planning on keeping these morning glories fairly controlled, too. And RIP them out at the end of the year. Besides, the pots fill and overflow with rain water in the winter.

    Since they are in fairly small pots, I don’t have to worry much about reseeding. And termites would have to crawl up 12′ to get to the soil in the pots.

  6. Gerrie said

    The back of our house faces directly south. Our first summer, we found out just how much sun was hitting the back of the house. Steve bult a pergola and we planted Wisteria. What a difference it has made. He trims it back each year and it manages to grow back and cover the pergola just in time for the summer sun. You will enjoy this very much!!

  7. deborah said

    If you can find some, plant Moonflower vines. You’ll need to soak the seeds overnight before you plant them but if you can get them going, the flowers are magical.

  8. Hey if you have any lattice the morning glories will tear it up …and they will climb on thier own…ask me how I know? And they volunteer every year..one of my dh’s better ideas..not! Maggie in SC…whose thinking plastic lattice might be better?!

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