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Monday ToDo

Posted by debraroby on June 20, 2005

I’m having a couple friends show up here today, and we’re heading to a couple of the shops in my area. We visit and catch up and have ever-so-much fun. These are the gals with whom I usually end up eating Thai food. Don’t know if that’s in the plans for tomorrow or not.

So after I get up, I need to dress for public, vacuum some of the dog hair off the floor, and take the dogs for an early walk. Then a couple hours fun. Home to make some more leaves (I still haven’t completely decided what to do… but I’m kind of leaning to partially stitching most of the leaves down, and maybe leaving just a couple loose). Monday night, the Pickles get together.

Have I mentioned the Pickles? I’d say we’re a minigroup, but we don’t do the same type of work, and rarely work on anything when we get together. We meet every Monday evening. Some eat dinner together, some don’t. We usually share a dessert, but not necessarily. It’s a couple hours of companionship to anchor the week.

An easy day, then…


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