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Turquoise Jacket

Posted by debraroby on June 14, 2005

This is the jacket I got compliments about last week. It kind of looks like a sack here, but it’s cute and “pettable” when worn. Mainly because it’s flannel. The pattern is from the Rag Merchant. (Fran’s Jacket). If you were at the first session of AQT last year, you saw it… cause I think I lived in it for the entire week. (Gerrie, old roomie, can you confirm??). Sorry it’s on a hanger and not a human.. but it’s so hard to wear something and take a picture of it at the same time.

And, can you believe I was wearing flannel in June in California??

This is the back of the same jacket. Posted by Hello


5 Responses to “Turquoise Jacket”

  1. Gerrie said

    Yes, I will confirm that she wore it quite a bit! My duaghter’s do Self-portrait Tuesday. And I find it very interesting how they take pictures of themselves – sometimes in the mirror, sometimes with a timer, reflection in the car window, etc. So get creative next time you want to show us a piece of clothing!!

  2. Liz said

    Love the colours… it looks really comfortable.

  3. Elle said

    I can believe it. When I visited, CA seemed to get a little cool in the evenings.

  4. DebR said

    I like it! Beautiful colors!

  5. Sonji Hunt said

    YUM, FLANNEL. My favorite. Well, fleece is my favorite, but flannel is almost the same thing.

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