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For Monday

Posted by debraroby on June 6, 2005

A couple weeks ago I showed you a small piece that was hand painted, machine stitched and then hand stitched. I wasnt’ sure what to do with it next. I’ve decided. Virginia Spiegel is holding a fund raiser for American Cancer Society, and has asked for donated artist’s cards. I sewed 4 postcards to the back, then cut the piece up. I also sealed the stitching with gel medium to make it easier to send them through the mail. When Virginia gets back from her trip, the cards will be waiting for her to upload to the site.


For Monday:

1. Go to Radston’s for an envelope and to make copies of the sketches for the building department. The midwest is HOT and here it’s cool enough I wore my flannel jacket. Both women at the store want me to quote on making them one just like it (well, one wants purple). Now I have to decide if I want to custom make a couple jackets for the cash.

2. Mail the cards, then visit city hall. (finger’s crossed).
Still no building permit. But the city engineer worked with me to nail down some questions/concerns and get things moving along. We need to make a few changes to the drawing, and add a comment on one or two pieces of hardware and hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday the deed will be done. After blasting him last week, I feel it necessary to say the guy is working with me and saving me about $5000 in engineering costs. (THAT IS NOT A TYPO). This for $3000 job. (wood is expensive).

3. walk the dogs.

4. bind eucalyptus and continue making leaves.


3 Responses to “For Monday”

  1. ??Building Department?? Did I miss something here?? What are you building??

    teri (ever nosey…er curious)

  2. Deborah said

    Ah yes… the dilema of deciding whether you really want to make “to order” art. I’ll be eager to hear what you decide. In the mean time, a picture of said jacket, please?

  3. Debra said


    As soon as I replace my digital camera…

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