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A suggestions for all travelers…

Posted by debraroby on June 1, 2005

United still hasn’t found the luggage. They are sending us the paperwork to file a claim for lost luggage. And the voice-activated computer assistance has stopped understanding me. (geez, even a male computer is confused by me…)

Now my suggestion for all travelers:

Make a list of what you take with you when you travel. What OTC meds are in your cosmetic case? What rx. drugs? Spare glasses? etc.

We are in the process of recreating the contents of his bag. As we write things down, I go online and try to find the replacement costs. Steve’s boss has told him to file an expense report on all the lost items, so we shouldn’t lose anything financially… but the time spent in shopping and shipping is going to be a pain. I’m trying to convince him that lost shirt from Hilo Hattie’s means we have to go back to Hawaii.

I know I have a packing list in my PALM. Never used it, but… and I don’t think it would too hard to set a database up in Excel… it’s just thinking to do it before you need it.

So far, we’ve replaced 2 pairs of Dockers and 3 pairs of socks.

Oh joy.

I apologize for a picture sparse blog for a while. Pretty soon I’m gonna hafta borrow someone’s camera long enough to take a couple pictures…


4 Responses to “A suggestions for all travelers…”

  1. deb said

    speaking of cameras – so you think we should take a picture of the contents before we zip a bag shut?

  2. Debra said

    Couldn’t hurt. But only if you don’t pack the camera… (giggles)…

    And if THIS is bad… can you imagine recreating your house if a fire wiped you out??

  3. JulieZS said

    Debra I’m sorry you’re having to take all this time and effort to make a claim on the bag. What a big screwup! Hope you get a great new digicam out of it at least.

  4. Gerrie said

    I do make a list before I pack. I never put my make-up, me meds or my camera in checked baggage. Too hard to live without and replace right away. But clothes and shoes -whee, time to go shopping, I’d say!! Hope you get a camera soon!!

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