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48 hours

Posted by debraroby on May 29, 2005

And no bag yet.

I’m taking getting this bag back into my own hands.

I’m doing the laundry without the dirty clothes in the bag. The minute the last load enters the rinse cycle, I’m confident the bag will hit our entryway.

UNITED. Are you listening??

An update. United hasn’t even located it yet. But it is on a “priority search” of all airline terminals.

Fortunately, it’s a green case… not the ubiquitutous black. So it’s a bit easier to look for. And Steve is learning his lesson. He put the recharger cord for his corporate computer in there, so no juicy for THAT computer.

Unfortunately, if it is lost… we bought it in Singapore.


6 Responses to “48 hours”

  1. Liz said

    Come on bag… come to Mummy!

    This is so frustrating when this happens, isn’t it? One of our suitcases went to Gran Canaria for a holiday last year when we went to Tenerife and it took 3 days to track it down… we kept finding things we hadn’t got which were in that suitcase… like toothpaste!

    Hope it turns up SOOOOON.

  2. Debra said

    United hasn’t even located it yet. (sigh)…

  3. jpsam said

    Hope that by now you’ve gotten your bag back.
    Your quilt on Gerrie’s blog is beeyootiful. Wow! How nice!
    And I so enjoyed seeing pictures of your garden.

  4. I am my dad’s travel agent (among the many hats I wear for him since my mom died) and he is flying to Halifax for a visit in August. last year he went via United. They screwed up his reservations and, when he arrived at the airport in Halifax to fly home to Florida, they had canceled his (nonrefundable) reservation. He had to buy a one way ticket home on Air Canada which cost him over $900 (United and AC are *partners*). Despite many letters and phone conversations he never got the $900 back NOR credit for the flight they canceled. Now, we (our family) has flown United since it was Capital Airways and I have two uncles who were Captains for United back that far. My dad and mom earned over 1 million miles as frequent flyers…..well, he informed me today he did NOT want to fly to Canada on United again…and I agree 100%!! My Uncle Dan must be rolling in his grave (except he was cremated and his ashes spread at Paw Paw lake) at how poorly United treats it’s customers…..


  5. One of my co-workers is from singapore – what is it you bought there? I can ask her to look the next time she goes home for a visa run…

  6. Debra said

    Well, United is the corporate airline of choice this year. And, although I’m not happy about this… United is far better than AMERICAN was when he had to use them.

    Ofcourse, it’s a holiday weekend… so I’m being patient.

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