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Ok. One more thing….

Posted by debraroby on May 27, 2005

Steve is home. His bag is not. United lost it somewhere… probably because he got to the airport 4.5 hours before his flight.

Anyway, he packed my digital in his bag (along with computer parts for his work computer). I tell him not to do this, but does he listen??

So no pictures until United gets their act in gear.

crosses fingers….


5 Responses to “Ok. One more thing….”

  1. Cathy said

    United- my husband hates to fly with them. He usually ends up with luggage problems too.
    Why is it they won’t listen to us? Of course we’re always right! LOL

  2. Sonji Hunt said

    I always go into a silent panic when I know my husband wants to borrow my camera. He has his own but for some reason his brother has it. Being an only child, I don’t get it…it’s your camera so if you need it get it back. We weren’t married when I bought my camera, so I don’t feel that I need to be nice about sharing it. I’m a total witch with rules when he wants to travel with it, one being…keep it on your person not in a bag. I’m a scary woman, so he has always listened. :-)

  3. JulieZS said

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your camera (and husbands’ luggage) make a speedy return! Or maybe it is time to buy a back up camera (grin)…

  4. Rayna said

    Aarrgggh! I would be mighty pissed off if that had happened to me. But of course, since my husband hasn’t taken a photo since the early 1950’s, I am not in great danger. Fingers x’d that you get it back quickly, Deb.

  5. Boy, considering how much trouble there has been with airline employees stealing stuff out of suitcases I NEVER pack anything of value!! If it won’t fit in my carry on it can’t go!! My last trip to FLA I had to take a puddle-jumper to Milwaukee (all Midwest Air flights go thru Milwaukee- their hub) the flight attendant wanted to put my carry-on in with the *checked* luggage….NO WAY!!! (there is no overhead compartment). I told him that my entire life was on this laptop and I would not be parted from it. It went in the crew’s bin, right in front of me (I was in the front seat of a 19 passenger plane). Whew…..Sometimes it pays to be paranoid and insistent.

    I will be praying you get that camera back (my niece got her debit card back so miracles DO happen)…next time do what I do, make the DH buy a disposible camera!!


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