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Nobody Likes Me…

Posted by debraroby on May 27, 2005

Seven comments in seven days?? Just Seven.

Are you reading and leaving without saying “hey”?? Or are you not reading?

Am I not scintillating? Are my pictures not bright and cheerful enough??

Is something broked??

Excuse me while I eat some worms….


7 Responses to “Nobody Likes Me…”

  1. Sorry. I’ve been reading and enjoying, but I’m kinda depressed and holing up in my little house feeling sad. No reason. Just sad. But I do enjoy reading your blog daily.

  2. Sandy Chan Brown said

    Hi Debra, I am one of the women who you met at the Pointless Sister’s meeting on Tuesday. I hope you had an enjoyable visit with us. I enjoyed seeing what you shared. Now I want to dye fabric. Please come to another meeting when you can. Have wanted to check your blog all week. No time until now. Been busy making postcards – one for my husband who had a birthday on Thursday and one for Gerrie as a thank you for teaching us how to make them.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Sandy Chan Brown

  3. Liz said

    I read and enjoy your blog every day – I did try and leave a comment on Monday, I think it was, but Blogger wasn’t co-operating….

  4. Karoda said

    i’m by here daily, sometimes several times a day…sometimes when i can’t sleep i also am not coherent enough to compose sentences.

  5. Rayna said

    I know the feeling Debra. isn’t it depressing when nobody leaves comments? What’s wrong with us that we are so dependent on the feedback? I’ll have to ask my therapist…(big grin).

  6. Gerrie said

    I think I leave you comments most days so I am not going to apologize!! Some days I am just srufing thorugh quickly, but know that I check in on you EVERY day.

  7. Deborah said

    Worms. Yum!

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