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Eucalyptus I

Posted by debraroby on May 21, 2005

Ok, One picture before I start writing, just to whet your whistle… Here’s a detail on one square of the quilt. People have been emailing me about the progress being made. I’m about 1/2 done with the quilting.

The sandstone piece had leaf shapes quilted in, then the background filled. It’s quite rich in person.

I painted up the fabric for the binding in the middle of the week. It IMMEDIATELY began to rain for the next 2 days making it really hard to hang it up outside to dry. The sink in my laundry room is never going to recover. When we go to sell this house, I will have to put a new sink in there. Or convince a buyer that a multi-color utility sink is an object de arte.

OK. One more picture…

The red has a rectangular version of a feathered swag running through it (it’s a long story)…

My last house in Ohio was in an Amish area. And my favorite fabric store had this older Amish woman (Ginny) working there. She helped me figure out feathers. The best advice she gave me was to just keep doing them, and one day I’d find “MY FEATHER” And I did.

I used to have a long-arm machine and did some quilting for others. And I would stitch a quilt full of feathers at the drop of a needle. Put me in front of a long arm today, I’ll do the same thing. But my long arm feather was hard for me to do on my home machine. I couldn’t get that rhythm. So today I’m making these pieces and quilting along. Thinking to myself that this motif is a bit derivative of something that Melody does. But then, as I continued along, the pattern altered slightly… and felt as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. I had translated my long art feather into this geometric gear kind of feather. I must admit it made me very happy.

Enough chatting. Another picture.

The green has a very Klimpt-like pattern in it. The arrow helps me remember where I want to the top to be. The tan one in the bottom has a leaf and impromptu crosshatching. Posted by Hello

Hey, wait a minute… there a picture missing!!

Guess I’ll save that for tomorrow…


6 Responses to “Eucalyptus I”

  1. Karoda said

    ooo, Debra, I’m digging this more than my old soul records…hehehe…I love the colours and am envious of the quilting!

  2. DebR said

    Any chance of seeing a larger pic of the feather quilting?? I can’t really see anything except the line of the spine. (hey, that rhymes!)

  3. Debra said

    Deb, I think I would/will have to do it on a another color to see it better. The thread matches really well, and that red is quite visually dense.

    besides, it’s not a feather in the “half a heart” sense… it’s more like a feathered gear…

  4. Sonji Hunt said

    Great quilting! I can’t wait to see it completed. I’m curious about your binding.

  5. Gerrie said

    dar – you are such a tease – I want to see the whole thing!! My laundry room sink is a work of art, too. that is why I am painting the room lime green – to set it off better! You better come on tuesday and bring this with you!!

  6. jpsam said

    Your quilting is fabulous! Did you start quilting feathers and find YOUR FEATHER by hand or by machine?

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