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To Do Wednesday

Posted by debraroby on May 11, 2005

1. Walk the dogs twice around HillTop pond. DONE
2. Get dog food. DONE
3. JoAnne’s: one small spool dark brown Guterman thread, and 5 yds. of WU. DONE
4. Cook roast for pulled pork. DONE
5. Finish quilting on Euc.
6. Catch the CUBS at 11 am. DOING
7. Find out why my blog disappeared.DONE.

It’s only 11:30 and I’ve accomplished most of my tasks. That leaves me the afternoon to quilt the top and finish supper. And figure out how to fix the broken screen door.

While on our walk, I saw a bright orange-red dragonfly/damselfly (I didn’t get close to distinguish), and some blooming Chinese Houses (stacked white and pink wildflowers). At PetSmart, Katy and Jake checked the dogfood aisles for kibble dropped on the floor, then sat and waited for their treats from the cashier. You’d think they were starving; their Large Breed LITE dogfood would dispute this.


One Response to “To Do Wednesday”

  1. Gerrie said

    Yeah!! You are back from the big blogger blackhole!

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