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Tuesday To-Do

Posted by debraroby on May 9, 2005

Get up, drink coffee and read normal emails and webpages. Shower, breakfast and start to work:

1. Walk the dogs. 2.5 miles. (DONE. UP AND DOWN HILL)
3. Machine quilt bark details on Euc. (2 hours worth until I ran out of thread).
4. Cook pork for BBQ tomorrow night. OOPS. DANG Blogger for losing my blog.
5. Press painted fabrics, and fuse to WU. OOPS. Out of WU.
6. What’s for supper tonight??? (beef and gravy over brown rice)
7. Spend time looking at my world. done. It was filled with dog fur.

This past weekend I was blessed to watch a scrub jay hunting worms in my veggie garden. I saw a sliver of moon set behind the hills.
I watched storms roll over the hills, across the bay and total miss me.

We watched a nice old movie this weekend: Witness for the Prosecution. A Billy Wilder adaptation of an Agatha Christie play. Why can’t they make movies today that have plot, character development, intelligence, humor and wit and surprise?


2 Responses to “Tuesday To-Do”

  1. Scrapmaker said

    That part about spending time “looking” is so important. Thanks for sharing, I could just see the storm clouds in my mind. Jen

  2. Debra said

    We are getting more storms this coming weekend (they think). I am going to try and get a good picture of the rain over bay.

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